Websecurify Websuite Incidents (PHP-CGI, CVE-2012-2311)

Websecurify Websuite Incidents is a cloud-based web application security scanner, designed to find only critical vulnerabilities and provide tools to exploit them. This video demonstrates how the tool can find CVE-2012-2311 (PHP-CGI vulnerability) and run an exploit against the target to get a command shell.

The video also shows some aspects of the user interface, which are helpful when entering multiple targets. You can simultaneously scan all applications across your organization getting instantaneous feedback about your level of exposure to common and widely exploited security issues.


Petko D. Petkov (pdp), is founder of Websecurify and frontman of the GNUCITIZEN Information Security Think Tank. pdp is a recognized information security researcher, security tools developer, penetration tester, frequent speaker at industry events, and published author who has contributed to several best-selling books in the field of information security.

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