Vortex - A Vagrant Alternative

It has been a long, long time since we've last posted, although, we've been quite busy as you can see from some of the many improvements we did on this blog, main website and of course the Suite. One of the main things that was achieved during this time was to launch a personal project of ours that has nothing to do with the nature of our business. I am talking about Vortex.


Vortex is a virtual machine management framework/toolkit. It is written on top of nodejs and provides similar features to Vagrant. Although both Vortex and Vagrant can be used to manage virtual machines, the approach taken by Vortex is different. Vortex is simpler, faster and, at least for us, easier to work with. We did try to make it into everything that Vagrant is not.

Vortex is fully functional and can manage virtual infrastructures by using both VirtualBox and Amazon EC2 out of the box. More providers can be added via vortex plugins. It has been quite stable for a while although we are sure that some improvements will be required and potentially a possible rewrite of some parts that are still cumbersome and difficult to understand. That, of course, is subjective.

Some of the main Vortex features are:

You can read more about Vortex from the project pages on Github. The project is well documented and all use cases explained in detail. You can also check out some of the examples under the doc folder.

We will appreciate if you can give us any feedback.


Petko D. Petkov (pdp), is founder of Websecurify and frontman of the GNUCITIZEN Information Security Think Tank. pdp is a recognized information security researcher, security tools developer, penetration tester, frequent speaker at industry events, and published author who has contributed to several best-selling books in the field of information security.

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