The Official Websecurify Release 0.3 is Out

The official Websecurify Release 0.3 is OUT. You can download it from the usual place or the main webiste.

This release completes the 0.3 cycle. In other words there will be no more 0.3 releases. The next one is 0.4 which will bring a lot more innovation and very different core architecture. 0.4Alpha1 together with Websecurify Pro should be expected somewhere in the next couple of weeks. I also would like to use the opportunity to thank to everybody who have tested Websecurify so far. In particular I would like to thank to gerard.hache, jahboite, ryan (ethicalhack3r) and Dave Hewson for providing early feedback, patches and support. I would like also to thank to all twitter users who re-tweeted my posts and as such helped to spread the word.