Websecurify 0.3, XPCSHELL and Monkey Patches

Websecurify 0.3 is coming nicely. We've added tons new of new features including automatic detection for CSRF, various types of cookie vulnerabilities and other types of long-hanging fruit. Some of the major improvements in 0.3 include:

The new main screen now has a button that allows to login to the targeted application before proceeding with the automated test.

The reporting system has been refactored successfully and now reports are a lot more detailed and provide loads of new features.

The 0.3 version also comes with a monkey patch, a mockup, environment for xpcshell so that the entire testing engine can be launched as a command line utility. More on that to be expected soon.

This, however, is not all. We are working on many more improvements to be released as Websecurify 0.3. Stay tuned!