On the way to 0.4Alpha1

There will be a lot of improvements in the 0.4 branch. The following is a summary of some of them:

  • New architecture - This will serve very well for the 0.4 release as it will allows us to push a lot of small updates automatically to you.
  • Better synergy - Websecurify is not only dynamic but now the core also can be integrated in many other tools almost effortlessly.
  • More stability - The core engine is now even more stable than the 0.3 branch was, which btw has never lead to a crash during the course of the testing stage.
  • More responsive - The UI is admirably responsive. Any single change on either the underlying databases and components results in a instant change of the UI. As you will notice in Websecurify Pro, there is no need to save and restore your work. It is all done automatically for you. In fact, concepts such as saving, restoring or loading do not exist in Websecurify.
  • More vulnerability checks - The basic version has even more vulnerability checks now. People who has no knowledge of Web Application Security can successfully run the testing engine against their applications and get almost an instant feedback.
  • Pause, resume, stop and restart - Tests can be paused, resumed, stopped or restarted with one click of a button.
  • Reports and workspaces - Websecurify keeps very few things in the memory now. A lot of results are stored inside databases controlled by a common API. This API is shared across the reporting functionalities and, as you will see later on, the Websecurify Workspaces.