What's New in Websecurify 0.5

Here is the updated list of the new exciting features that are coming in Websecurify 0.5:

  • Improved user interface.
  • The workspace window now has an Issue view which provides detailed information on each finding.
  • Detailed reports which can be exported in CSV, HTM, XML and JSON.
  • More complete spidering and analytical engines.
  • Websecurify 0.5 will be able to detect CRLFI, LFI, Directory Listing, System Path disclosure vulnerabilities and it will be able to successfully extract other useful information while testing.
  • The test engine is more capable and easily extensible.
  • Internationalization is now supported everywhere including the reporting engine. This means that reports can be translated into any of the supported languages
  • Many other small improvements which make Websecurify 0.5 a great product.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports please send them here.