Websecurify Heads-up

This is just a quick post to all WS fans just to let you know that we are franticly working on the next iteration of your favourite web application security platform. The future certainly looks very promising and exciting as we have prepared a couple of new things that will be coming out very soon.

First, the testing engine was rewritten from scratch. The new engine now allows us to do things impossible to achieve with the older version at a 10 times the speed and in a lot less memory too.

Second, we are working on the Acidbrowser project. This work was split into a separate source tree and by the look of it the project will be very challenging. We decided that if we are going to put the effort into making a decent web app testing browser, we may as well put a little bit more enthusiasm and turn the project into something really special. In the pipeline we have some ideas that will hopefully blow your mind.

Finally, we managed to get around creating a Websecurify SaaS solution based on our new testing engine with a few added extras. It should run from the cloud. It should easily handle hundreds upon hundreds of connections. It is really easy to use and it looks absolutely stunning.

There you have it.