Websecurify Scanner 0.9Alpha1

The Websecurify Scanner 0.9Alpha1 is under heavy development. While we are pleased with the results, there is so much more to do.

Some of the main features so far are listed bellow:

  • The basic/default scanner is smarter, faster, lighter and more selective - this means that some types of applications, in particular those which have a lot of pages, will be scanned under a fraction of the time which takes when testing with Websecurify 0.8.
  • The scanning technology is memory efficient and the memory storage is swappable - while the scanner should be able to handle most applications within a reasonable amount of memory, if needed we can quickly introduce other storage mechanisms depending on the situation and as such scale the scanning technology as much as required.
  • Everything is configurable - while we may not expose all scanning features and options in the default installation, it is certainly possible to configure a lot of aspects of how the testing engine works. This is the reason why 0.9 will provide different types of scans which are optimised for the particular task. For example, a scan against a blog is very different from a scan against Sharepoint. The templates not only provide pre-build settings but also different testing engines specifically optimized for the target technology.

These are the main features so far. More features are coming up very soon plus the first alpha release should be available for download in the following weeks.