Websecurify 0.9 is Out

Websecurify 0.9 is now out of our workshop and you can download it from the usual place.

In this release we went back to the basics and re-engineered everything from scratch and made it 10 times better. In the process we even managed to create a version which can run on most modern mobile devices although at the moment we only support the iPhone.

Websecurify 0.9 is de facto not only the first web application security testing software ever created for iOS, Android, Blackberry and others, but it is also the very first fully functional integrated web application security testing solution which can run straight from your web browser. This release is perhaps one of the most cross-platform software solutions you will encounter today and we are proud to be the first to do it, putting our orange flag in the history books forever.

However, this is not all... far from it. For the upcoming months we have prepared even more surprises for our loyal fans and supporters. We are planning to completely change everything and make the dent, created by Websecurify, even bigger.

Enjoy this release and if you have a few spare moments tell us what do you think and how we can help you even further.