Websecurify's Debute on ITunes and Mac App Stores

Although Websecurify has been officially available on the Mac App Store for several days now and more than a month on the iTunes App Store, it is about time to announce it publicly here. It is true. Websecurify is now the premium web application security testing tool for Mac. It is one of its kind and proud to carry the title of being "the first and only".

The Mac App Store Version is full of awesome improvements incorporated in style and simplicity throughout the entire application. Some of the key features include:

  • Fully integrated browser which allows fine-tuning of even some of the most demanding applications today.
  • Adjustable test scope. For more information, see the Wiki page here.
  • The ability to not only run several test at the same time but also work on multiple projects currently.
  • Smart reporting system which removes duplicate issues on the fly.
  • Powerful and quickly accessible report filters to sift through complex tests with numerous issues.
  • Vulnerability snapshots. What is a security report without the technical details? You get not only the exact details about each vulnerability but also helpful screenshots illustrating the problem in full.
  • Several built-in reporting mechanism which allow detailed exporting to multiple formats including CSV, XML, JSON, HTML and RTF. HTML and RTF reports include screenshots which can be easily copied around in your own custom reports.
  • New and improved testing engine which now detects more issues than ever before in a fast and concise way.
  • Absolutely gorgeous user interface in every single way.

There are some awesome improvements for the iTunes App Store (iPhone) version planned to be released in the upcoming weeks. Here they are:

  • The ability to email reports even when they are not fully completed. This is a huge win especially when you want to report an issue as soon as you find it.
  • Brand new testing engine with numerous improvements all over the place.
  • Faster test cycles. On some medium-size applications it is possible to complete a full test in just a few minutes.

Needless to say, this is just the start of a very exciting future in which we want to make a mark in our own unique way. We would like to use the opportunity to thank our beta testers and everyone who helped us to get to this stage. You are rock starts and you know it.