Websecurify 1.0.2 for Windows and Mac has Arrived

Websecurify 1.0.2 is by far the best version ever released. It is feature packed yet easy to use and as fast as nothing else.

As they say "the devil is in the details" and this version is all about that. A lot of things has been taken care of in order to create a functional and fast web application security scanner with the best possible user experience. Websecurify on Mac looks gorgeous and it is really fast but wait to see Websecurify for Windows. It will change your perception of what security products should be all about.

From the click on the application icon to the first application screen it takes no more than just a moment. This is very different from those pesky, never ending splash screens which we are all acquainted to from other products. The target locationbox is all you need to start a scan with zero configuration. It has been all taken care of for you by default. However, if you feel adventures you can always fire up the side browser which will allow you to pinpoint hot areas for further testing or exclusion. You simply don't need to fiddle with regular expressions or string matching constants which are not only difficult to use but also error prone and very inefficient. It has been all taken care of for you.

After a lot of time spent in the lab searching for the best features we can put in a product that we love we think we have found the best way to do reporting. Reports are generated on the fly. You simply don't need to wait until the end to find out what is going. You can easily filter issues by severity or features with just a single click. Websecurify can not only show you the details of each found issue but also where possible take a screenshot as a proof. There is no other web application security tool out there that does this. Each report is exportable in various formats designed to be easily embedded into your own custom reporting templates. We simply do not support the idea of closed loop marketing by embedding our brand everywhere possible. If you are looking for in-depth information about each issue we even provide JSON and XML reports which contain details about the reported items broken down to the individual components. This is very powerful and can be used to simply your life and save you a lot of time and great deal of stress by implementing your own custom automation workflow.

Last but not least Websecurify 1.0.2 is good fit for wide range of uses and available to everyone: form the experts to the casual users. We have priced the product fairly and in fact more fare than all of our competitors. There is no feature locking. We think it is silly to lock the product to scan only 1-3 web sites and than ask for more cash to unlock the full version as our competitors do. Websecurify is revolutionary in that way. However, what is even more revolutionary is that you are not tied to annual renewal fees. When you buy a major version it is your's to keep and use to test as many web applications as you need. To make it even better, we have even automated the payment process so you can enjoy you version in a few moments after purchase. It is as simple as that and we will keep your version up to date via our online update mechanism, which you can switch of if you don't need it.

So enjoy it and let us hear if you have any comments, suggestions, feedback, bugs or just things that annoy you. Our commitment is to make the best web application security tool out there.