Initial Preview of Websecurify Scanner (

The Websecurify Scanner ( is perhaps the most innovative and exciting product we have the pleasure to be working on and we just cannot wait to show it to you. Before this happens, however, there are bugs to fix and features to implement. Well, there is less of the bugs and more on the features. Nevertheless here are screenshots of some of the main things to be expected when you login.

You may notice that the product is fairly consistent with the general look and feel of our website and all other tools. The user interface is minimalistic but allows further configuration by various buttons, hovers and other controls. This is what we call "easy by design". There is nothing intrusive or obtrusive and you will see later that the interface is customizable.

Websecurify was designed to take away all the hardship from the decision making. In other words, the testing engine will automatically figure out what to do and what to skip. However, we have added features for advanced users to configure various aspects of the testing scope for example. One of the interesting functionalities is the ability to check the test scope before you proceed with the test. We have realised that the last thing we want you to do is to start a test, which is not even properly configured. So, if you decide to switch the advanced users mode, there are safeguards to help you all the way through the security assessment, so you can relax.

It is our trademark to report issues as soon as we find them. This product is no exception. Vulnerabilities are reported as they are found with all details and supporting examples. You can pause, resume or completely stop the test at any point in time.

We have started exposing various configuration options, which will enable you to customize the tool just the way you want it. There are plenty of features you will be able to tune to your likings. One of the options for example allows you to turn on/off additional visual elements. This may be useful especially when you use the tool on screens of different sizes. There are a lot more options like this, which are designed to "save the day" so-to-say.

The product is in private beta, meaning that it is not publicly available just yet. Instead, we offer a signup form, which we use to gradually enable all users. The demand for the application is high, which means that we may not be able to turn on your account immediately but do not be discouraged because we are enabling new users on a daily basis.