Google In-app-Payments Now Part of The Suite

I am delighted to announce that our online Suite now supports in-app-payments via Google Wallet. Now it is possible to get full access to the rest of the online tools in just a click from the comfort and security of your Google account (that is if you have enabled 2-step verification).

The service is subscription-based and it is charged every month making it is very flexible and fit for all purposes. The most flexibility comes from the fact that you can cancel and renew your subscription anytime you want/need. Everything is controlled from your own personal Google Wallet, which effectively puts you in charge of all your finances and gives you a piece of mind.

While Google Wallet makes it very simple and convenient from personal level to access our tools on-demand we do realise that you may have some custom needs, such as having multiple accounts or even performing a bulk-order. These we will handle personally for now with the greatest care possible. So do not hesitate to get in touch with your custom queries.

That being said, we are on a roll. More updates are coming soon.