Introducing Websecurify Suite

Several months ago we announced a small experiment called Websecurify Scanner as part of the so-called Websuite project. This tool was entirely web-based and built from scratch using our own cutting-edge, extremely portable, web application security testing technology combined with the latest developments in browser world. Indeed, this was a very unique tool, unlike anything else seen thus far.

As part of the early days of the Websuite Scanner we gathered a small group of beta testers, who received an exclusive access to our development process and all features that we were planning to implement in future versions. Out of this very successful collaboration, we've created a new, improved suite of tools designed with the same principles and ingenuity we used to build the Websuite Scanner.

Today I am pleased to announce that this product is in full motion and available online right now for you to use. It is real and more than ready. Here are some screenshots, which I believe you will find intriguing to say at least:

Needless to say, this tool is a totally different ball game in comparison to what is available right now in the web application security space and we are committed to make it even better in the following months. In particularly, we will put in resources to recreate online versions of our entire toolkit portfolio and technologies.

I would like to personally thank to our beta testers for being so awesome and forward thinking. It turns out that our users are completely in line with our vision, which is absolutely fantastic.

I am pleased to say that Websecurify is indeed changing the security industry for good and I am extremely happy that we are the first to bring the next generation web application security testing technologies to the world.