Update For All Firefox Users

After a long wait, not entirely our fault, our Firefox extension reached version 1.1.1 and it is now available for download from the Mozilla Addon Market.

The key change in this version is simply the fact that we've migrated from the static addon architecture to a more dynamic one via our Suite. In simple words, this means that the most of the addon functionalities are now hosted online (offline mode fully supported) while the extension only provides a thin integration layer to bring everything together in a perfect union.

This special type of relationship provides several benefits:

  • The addon updates will be less frequent meaning that you can easily include it into a security distribution on a LiveCD without the need to worry about updates, etc. The new addon is really designed not to change much.
  • We can provide faster updates and more experimental features. Your local, offline-mode copy will update as soon as you visit the Suite url.
  • With the new architecture it is trivial to write extensions. I will come to this some other time.The reason why we are so excited about this is because we are in uncharted territories and we believe that the possibilities of this technology are endless. Being the first to bring this to you also feels very rewarding.

We hope that you like it. Next we will be putting up more tools online.