Http Proxies are Old-fashioned and Uncool

Are you frustrated with your http proxy? You are tired of going back and forth between the browser, the network preferences/settings dialog and yet another window? You hate when your proxy betrays you because it fails to do SSL properly or requires special setup to use cookies, NTLM, etc? You dislike Java Swing UIs because they still look and behave like the technology of the 90s?

DO NOT WORRY: We are about to drop another cool feature in our online Suite, which will allow you to inspect http trafic easily with a modern stack of technologies that look elegant and simply beautiful.

Httpview allows you to quickly inspect the http trafic of any web application without the need to install or configure cumbersome proxies. Simply type the application url in the address bar and you are ready to go. It is that simple.

The user interface is designed to make the best use of your screen estate. Http requests and responses are properly displayed with all the syntax-highlighting glory. The tool can efficiently handle thousands of recorded requests. Individual requests can be re-submitted or tested with our automated application security scanning technology. You can have multiple http views running and recoding simultaneously.

You cannot believe that this is possible? Well, check the following screenshots.

...above is the test button, which will launch the automated web app security testing engine and bellow is the resend button, which will open the Resend utility...

You can access the tool immediately. Just follow the link.

P.S. We believe that proxies have their purpose and this is why we are working on a top-secret http proxy, which we will announce soon. However, Httpview from the online Suite is so much cooler because it doesn't require any special setup and it is easy to get started.