More Tools Now Ready in the Suite

Today we've officially pushed 4 additional tools making a total of 8 online tools in the Suite. We have 2 more tools still in alpha, which will be released soon.

Here is the complete list of all new tools and what they do:


Httpview is a Request/Response monitoring tool providing features similar to those found in http proxies. You can read the previous blog post for more information.


This tool allows you to quickly transform and work with data in different formats. Arena is perfect if you want to create special types of payloads or encode data in different types of formats. For more information read: Hacking Like a Pro with Websecurify Arena.


This utility will help you convert any type of request into multiple variances of Cross-site Request Forgery attacks. The tool is very generic and just requires a standard HTTP request as an input.


Backframe is one of the first XSS attack tools (before Beef). We took Backframe design and key principles and created an online tool perfect for demonstrating XSS attacks in the most visual way possible. We will write another blog post how the tool works and why you should use it.

Stay tuned. More things are coming up soon.