Job Well Done

Last week we promised to deliver offline support and faster loading of the Suite applications via a robust application cache. We deployed these changes yesterday so this is job well done. Today we rolled out several small UI improvements on all tools.

In particular, now all http request and response editors support code folding. This means that you will be able to fold large http requests and responses at key areas, which may not be needed to be fully exposed. For example, if you are working on the body of the request you may not be interested in the headers and therefore you should fold them in order to improve the overal visibility and avoid unnecessary scrolling.

The Httpview tool is now separately displaying requests and responses making a better use of your screen estate. Previously, we were displaying the http request and the response combined. Both of these areas can be customised with individual themes making the whole user experience quite pleasant.

Last but not least, we made small improvements on the Resend utility to make it generally better and more inline with the rest of the online tools.