Reading Burp Files From Websecurify Suite

As a technology company we are trying to be as helpful as possible and provide the best possible interoperability with other tools. This is why we created Reburp.

As you may have guessed, Reburp allows you to read and use files generated by Burp. The user interface reassembles closely Httpview and gives you immediate access to Retest, Resend, Rforge and the rest of the online Suite from the helpful toolbar. Now you can make your crazy workflow a reality.

Reburp is ideal if you use Burp internally and you want to share vulnerability information and automated test configurations via the Websecurify Suite, which is really better suited for these kinds of things. As long as your dev team has access to the Suite you can just email a link to Retest. This is a much better solution than providing static vulnerability information enclosed in reports. With Retest (acting as a specialist unit testing tool for web security vulnerabilities) you will be automatically able to detect if the issue was fixed properly and therefore saving you time and giving you a level of insurance for job well completed.

Reburp is still in beta so it is not exposed from the launcher. Give it a try and let us know what you think.