Websecurify Suite Standalone Client

We have prepared something awesome for you. Please allow me to introduce the Websecurify Suite Standalone Client, which you can download from here (for Windows) and here (for Mac OS X). The project is still in beta but it is fully functional.

Websecurify Suite is the first web application security testing environment to work from any standard web browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox supported for now). This makes it one of the most versatile web application security testing platforms ever created. If that is not enough, now we offer a standalone client, which you can download and use on its own without the need for any browsers. The benefit of this is that you get a dedicated browser-like environment suitable for your web application penetration testing and security needs.

What is this really about?

The Standalone Client is essentially yet another way to get access to the online tools in a easy and distributable way. On the top of that, it is an actual browser, which we assembled specifically for your web security needs. It is easy to use. It exhibits a clean, cut-down user interface. It is based on Firefox. It is perfect for testing and we are planning to make it the easiest browser ever made to tacle your security testing needs. This means that we will build more tools and capabilities into it in the very near future. We have already started building these capabilities into our alpha channels.

How does it compare to the browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox?

It is a superset of both extensions. For a start, the Httpview utility can capture full body requests and responses. All tools are fully functional and go beyond what they currently do. The added benefit is that the whole application is designed to be used specifically for web security testing and vulnerability discovery.

How does it compare to other browsers like Chrome and Firefox?

Websecurify Suite standalone client is based on Firefox but without Firefox's overhead. Most features in Firefox are non-essential and unneeded during the web application security testing process. We did not just took them out of Firefox. We created an entire new browser using Mozilla's own XUL. We have provided our own components and modules to ease the development. The only thing we have borrowed is Firefox's platform, also know as Xulrunner. The end result is a browser, which is clean, fast and super easy to extend with well defined set of APIs.

What is the current state of the standalone client?

It is fully functional and ready to use right now. We will be deploying updates in the very near future to make it even better suited for your security testing needs. Even if you are not using our tools you can still use it for web security penetrating testing because it is fast, lightweight and provides a cut-down user experience.

We will be very happy if you can provide us with any feedback at this stage.