Getting Things Done - Extended Security Reports

This story is not about a new feature in the online Suite. This story is about speed, efficiency and more importantly the commitment that we have made to our customers.

The story is simple and very familiar. Yesterday, one of our loyal subscribers sent us an intriguing email. He has identified some interesting vulnerabilities using both the Scanner and Recon tools but he did not know what to do with them. We realised quickly that this is a valid concern and it is something we should improve. Fast forward a couple of hours later, we not only offered our help to manually examine the report and give guidance but also we extended the reporting structure to provide additional information such as description of the impact, proposed solution and links for more information. Check it out:

We rolled out the feature in 3 hours from the time we were contacted and that is why we are so proud of the product that we've made. It is not only innovative, fast, beautiful and simple but also constantly up-to-date. No release cycles. No waiting. Everything just happens.

To some this may look like a trivial matter but to our customers it is a big deal especially when you need the much needed support. Software doesn't have to be difficult, time consuming and static.

That being said, we have other great features and tools to be realised very soon. To be kept always updated, just follow us on twitter, facebook or google+.