Landing Escapemode

A month ago we secretly launched a new feature that some of you may have incidentally discovered when pressing the ESC key inside some applications. Let me introduce The Escapemode.

The design of escapemode is heavily inspired by the favourite command/tilda/cheats mode feature in popular computer games such as Quake, Heretic, Blood and others. If you don't remember what this used to look like, here is a screenshot (we managed to find this treasure buried somewhere in the intertubes because we don't have time to install DOS emulators):

Quake2 Command Line Mode

In essence escapemode allows us to provide advanced application features without clobbering the super-simple and lighting-fast user interface we are so tirelessly working on. When you press the ESC key you will enter a whole new and exciting world where all kinds of things are possible by typing commands.

While all applications have their own specific escapemode commands, we have built several generic commands you can use everywhere. Here is the complete list for now. We are planning to add more as we go:

hello - greats you with a friendly message that boosts your auxiliary by 70%
encode_url [input] - encodes input by using the url encoding format
encode_b64 [input] - encodes input with base64
calc [expression] - acts like a calculator but you can also use it as eval, i.e Math.pow(2, 32)-1 will give you MAX_INT 32
retro - enables/disables retro mode to make you look like a badass hacker

Escapemode In Action

My personal favourite is retro, which I sometimes enable for my own amusement. It looks like this when it is on and it definitely works better on darker backgrounds or otherwise applications with less white space:

Retro In Action

Now you can enjoy the entire Suite of tools with a bit more style and comfort. This is not all. There are some other features, we have already deployed, which I know you will thoroughly enjoy.