Hack Like In The Movies

You will absolutely love this! We have just deployed our Haxor (a.k.a IAmHacker) app as part of the Suite Marketplace.


From the Marketplace page:

This app is insanely fun especially when you want to mess around with friends, family or random people at coffee places and public transport. Haxor, puts you in the shoes of the hacker who wrote the infamous Blaster worm for your thrill and amusement. This app is heavily inspired by HackerTyper.net. All you have to do is to just type. Warning: Contains graphic images and nerdity.

We wrote the app for fun and to entertain the audience at our booth on TNW in Amsterdam. The joke was that we are a startup company making hacking scenes for Hollywood blockbusters. Intriguingly, all people believed us, which accidentally validated the idea. That being said, if you are making a Hollywood blockbuster and you need more realistic hacking scenes, we are happy to help.

Now you don't have to create a GUI interface using Visual Basic to track the killer's IP address (CSI). You can just use Haxor.