REST-full Client For Google Chrome

We are proud to announce a new arrival in the Suite. Please welcome Rest - an HTTP construction tool, useful when developing, testing and debugging REST-full APIs and services. It is available for Google Chrome but if you have the Websecurify extension you can also use it on Mozilla Firefox too. The tool is quite young but it is based on solid foundations, which allows us to improve it rapidly over the following weeks.


Immediately after it was announced, it appeared on the first page of HackerNews. The feedback that we received was absolutely tremendous and much appreciated. One suggestion, was to include a feature to convert curl commands to requests and vice versa. Surely, several hours later this feature was already deployed online.


To use curl all you have to do is to enter the almighty escapemode. Press the ESC key. In the command line type any standard curl command just like you will type it in Bash. Single and double quotes work as well. Most curl options are well supported.

One thing to keep in mind is that Rest does not include the vulnerability detection engine as it is the case with Resend. Additional features that we will introduce will be primarily developer oriented. That being said, the tool is free to use.