We Haz Betas

Many improvements rolled out today including the new and much anticipated "Beta" access feature. Simply put, if you sign up for a "Beta" (free of charge of course) you get to play with a new toy that is not production-ready yet. We've got a lot of these toys, including the brand new WordPress Security Scanner as illustrated by the screenshot bellow.

Beta access will be granted at random. Each beta will be available only to handful of users. Based on your feedback, we will tune the application and decide what to do with it. Essentially your feedback will dictate the fate of the app so spam us as much as you can if you want certain things to happen your way. We are open to any suggestions as long as they are reasonable.

That being said, it is fair to say that we completed a whole cycle of features and improvements. The good news is that even more stuff are coming along nicely, which only brings us even more excitement. Stay tuned for updates.