Web Security Tools Market

You may have noticed that the Suite is now officially a marketplace for web application security tools and much more. This is a tremendous step forward and we are extremely excited about what the future holds for this technology.


Logical Steps

When we started with the Suite we quickly identified that, although automated web application security scanners are great start for novice users, they are often not the kind of thing you would want to use in every situations. Quickly after we added the Scanner we introduced, two more tools to help with the Retest and revalidation of web security vulnerabilities to solve some particularities around the usage of the Scanner.

Following our instincts and feedback, later on we introduced Jsonfuzz and Xmlfuzz to target two particularly painful areas, such as testing JSON and XML services. We also added a tool to encode and decode data in various formats, a tool to create CSRF attacks, a XSS demonstration tool and others.

These tools formed what is known today as the Classic Pack. Previously you would have recognized it as just the Suite, i.e. all of tools combined/included.

The Suite has been always successful from day one but it wasn't targeted enough to solve the individual problems of our users. This lead to relaunching all of the tools that we had plus more into a marketplace where you can pick only the things that you need the most.


Why A Marketplace

In the market you can cherry-pick the tools you need the most and ignore the rest. You can concentrate on what matters and ignore the noise. You can personalize it based on your needs, skills and particular requirements. It fits everyone: from the developer, QA engineer and the penetration testers to the security architect, manager and business owner. Our plan is to tailor our solutions so that they become indispensable instruments in your day-to-day workflow.

Tools are just tools and, without having someone behind to drive them, they are not particularly useful. We do not believe in the mantra imposed by other web security vendors, which is "one-size-fits-all". We believe in diversity but mostly we believe that different problems require different solutions. A marketplace solves this problem nicely.