25000 Champions And Counting

We did it! The Websecurify Suite is now used by 25000 champions strong and in order to celebrate this important milestone we have prepared something amazing that will rock your world from now until the next 1K signups.

Screenshot 01

The 25000 is a significant stage in development for us. It has been less than an year since the launch of the Suite as part of a series of experiments. It used to be just a vulnerability scanner and more or less an improved version of our chrome extension at the time but over the months we outgrew the original idea into a full-featured web application security tool market where you pick the solutions that fit best your problem domain.

Today, the Suite is made of 25 different apps and 79 modules. With 25000 users behind us we are more than certain that we are working in the right direction and we will continue doing so in the future with ever growing pace and dimension.

Introducing The Starter Pack

To celebrate this event we have prepared something very special and that is the launch of the Starter Pack. This app package contains 3 of our most popular tools available at the discounted price of $15.99 per month. Yes, that is more or less 68% saving right there. But hurry up, because we wont keep it for much longer. Given the pace the network grows it is likely that we will reach the 26K champions count sooner than we plan.

Screenshot 01

We think you will love the Starter Pack because it provides the best combination of apps for both professional and novice users looking to do manual and fully-automated web application security assessments using 3 of our most popular tools: Scanner, Retest and Resend.

That being said, on behalf of Websecurify, I would like to say "thank you" for making the Suite so awesome. We wouldn't be here without your continuous and unconditional support. Do not hesitate to get in touch and tell us what you think. Your feedback and is paramount to us.