Cash For Bugs

We are very happy to announce our very own bug bounty program where you get payed for discovering security bugs in our web estate. Isn't this pretty cool?

Screenshot 01

The rationale for launching the bounty program is rather simple. Even though we are good at discovering web security bugs, we are not under the illusion that we are perfect. It is fair to say that we do not expect a lot of submissions but who knows, there could be things that we have simply overlooked. This is where you come with your awesomeness and help us do better for the exchange of a monetary award, a lot of kudos from our team, extra karma points and some additional goodies like free subscriptions and much, much more.

The details are all outlined on our campaign page. We want to give you as much freedom as you need bearing in mind that any destructive activities will not only not qualify but also may have other consequences. That being said, we believe this program will be very successful and will play its role to make the Webs safer.

We are looking forward to your submissions.