Go Proxify

We are happy to announce this Friday's fun project go-proxify. Proxify is a command-line man-in-the-middle HTTP intercepting proxy similar to GNUCITIZEN's proxify but written in Go. It is simple and very easy to use. It can do hex dumps, it can record requests and responses and do all sorts of magic in between.

Screenshot 01

This tool is based on goproxy library by Elazar Leibovich. We have only made a wrapper around his awesome work and by the look of it we will be making some contributions in the near future. One of the major things we want to do is to bundle our entire pentesting toolkit inside a single executable that can be easily moved around. Everything will be controlled from a web browser without the need to install and use heavy native UI components.

If you have any ideas how to make this tool awesome, do not hesitate to get in touch or simply fork the project and send us the changes.