Web Application Security 101

It is time of the year when we do web appsec training in Belgium (ongoing thing). This time though, we've decided to publish all the materials online for all to benefit with the promise to keep extending the content in the future.

Screenshot 01

Instead of publishing everything at once, given the large number of presentations, we've decided to do it gradually over the course of a month. This way we will be able to highlight the presentations that will be of greater interest/benefit to more experienced students and those which are good for beginners. Keep in mind that the course is targeted towards people who are a bit technical but are newbies when it comes to appsec.

Before We Start

Feel free to use the content is you wish for your internal training requirements. Apart from the very first slide deck, the content is brand-less and unbiased towards any particular testing technology/product. We will appreciate if you give us kudos for the work or send us your comments and suggestions.