Node Proxify

Last month we announced Go Proxify - a proxy tool written in Go. This month we are happy to announce Node Proxify - a proxy tool for Nodejs.

Screenshot 01

Why So Many Proxies

This is a good question. We are not only obsessed about web security but also we like to solve the same problem in more than one ways and in the process discover new techniques to improve our technologies. Coming to the same solution from multiple angles has been always in the core of our research process and without it we wouldn't have been possible to create the Suite and other innovative technologies we have worked on.

Node Proxify is a good example of this process and it is one of the many proxies we have written in our quest to find out the best possible combination of techniques and understand what makes proxies good security tools. Our goal is to build something that is truly remarkable and game-changing.

We will be delighted to know if you find this tool useful. If you have any suggestions just post bellow or fork the project and do your thing.