Tools And Tiers

We are extremely excited to announce that we have slashed our prices, added Arena to the Public Pack and killed Foundation in favour of the Scanner. These changes were way overdue and are in effect immediately. We are glad to have them all delivered just before the craze surrounding the holiday festivals.

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Tiers And Pricing

Since beginning the tools in the Suite have been categorised into different tiers. Unfortunately, this information was nowhere to be found on the website, which contributed to some confusion. Now it is available from the tiers page from where you can see at a glance how much different options cost and what combinations will be most suitable for your needs.

This simple change has also made us realise that we could do better in terms of pricing. This is why we have decided to slash the prices so that the tools become even more available to you. The net benefit will be tremendous because more web apps will get tested with quality tools, which as a result will produce a safer Web. We are excited about these changes and looking forward to see the results.

Arena Is Free

Arena is one of our most flexible applications because it gives you a raw access to Websecurfy's client-side technology to create your own tools. We think this is awesome and it must be democratised to the point where everyone can express their creativity on our platform. Today we have made Arena free for everyone. Now there is no reason you should not tap into Websecurfy's capabilities to build the tools that you have always wanted.

There Can Be Only One

Foundation was a simple but limited web application scanning solution. It was one of the first scanner we had offered and over time it had become outdated. We have decided to kill Foundation in favour of the Scanner. The Scanner has always been a better, more complete solution and from today it has become the only general-purpose application security scanner we will offer.

This is not a small step but we believe it is vital in order for us to continue innovating in this area.

None of these changes could have been possible without your valuable feedback, which has been very generous. We would like to thank you for making this happen and pointing us to the right direction. If you have any ideas how to make it even better, do not hesitate to get in touch.