Updated Chrome Extension

Version 4.0.0 of Websecurify Browser Extension for Chrome is out now. What can we say? It is a massive improvement from the previous version. Most of you should have already upgraded by now.

Screenshot 01

We have introduced several key changes just like with the Firefox Extension. First, the extension now injects a special API, which makes the whole architecture less magical from developer's point of view. The API is available from all Suite applications. In the near future, we will be writing apps that will allow you to directly take advantage of it.

Second, we have introduced a lot of stability changes and other forms of improvements. For example, now tools like Resend and Rest can override any header including special one like Cookie. This gives a greater control over requests and give you the ability to do very interesting tests as authenticated and non-authenticated user without logging in and out of sessions.

Finally, there are some structural changes you cannot see directly but I can assure you that they are there. These changes will allow us to extend the API in the future as we see fit in order to provide even more interesting tools.

We hope you enjoy it and do not forget to let us know if you have any suggestions how to make it even better.