Landing WebReaver

WebReaver is a web application security toolkit for Mac OS X. It is mostly native OS X application except for the testing engine, which is powered by Sparta - the next generate of our testing framework written in JavaScript and other related technologies.

WebReaver will incorporate several testing tools into a single application similar the the tools you will find inside our online Suite. This ALPHA release only incorporates the scanning and reporting engine. We will gradually introduce our XML and JSON fuzzers, Recon and all other tools that are fit for desktop use.

In practice, there will be no difference between WebReaver and the online Suite except the fact that it is native to OS X and it has slower release/update cycle. The online Suite is continuously updated mainly because its distribution channel allows us to do this. WebReaver, on the other hand, will be updated every once in a while and especially when we are making major changes to the testing engine. It is fair to say that it will match closely, if not better, the traditional software distribution model you are already used to with other desktop tools.

We are generally happy with the new testing engine although there are still things that needs to be polished before public release. This testing engine allows us to do things previously considered challenging so you should expect a lot of different innovations coming soon from our team. One of the main improvements is the simplification of some of the primitives that allow us to fuzz various formats in a consistent manner. Generally, fuzzing should be faster and a lot more precise. We are even contemplating to create a public API which you can use to build your own tools and scripts.

Just like,, we are planning to make the tool available on the App Store once we pass the ALPHA and BETA stages. It is still early to say when this will happen but the plan is to get it all working before June/July. Meanwhile, we are hoping to receive as much feedback as possible from the community in order to make WebReaver the best tool on Mac OS X.