Bringing Back The Screenshots

When we launched Websecurify Desktop we used to have one killer feature no one else had - automatic vulnerability screenshots. Even today, Websecurify is the only company to be able to do that although the feature is only present in our original desktop offering which is no longer supported. Well still believe this is an awesome feature and this is why we are bringing the vulnerability screenshots back as part of the online Suite. Yey!

Now we can give you a solid proof when we find a vulnerability and document it with a screenshot for your convenience.

For now, automatic vulnerability screenshots are only available as part of the Suite staging environment (NextSuite) but given the pace we are moving things we will be in a good position to switch it on in production pretty soon. In order to test it out, you will need to be subscribed to the Scanner or another tool, which incorporates some kind of reporting facility, and identify a critical security bug, such as XSS, SQL Injection, LFI and so on. We will do the rest automatically for you.

As usual, let us know what do you think.