Make Your Outfit

We are very proud to announce that we have completed a long-term ambition of ours and that is to allow not just individuals but entire teams to simultaneously use Websecurify Security Toolkit without entering multiple subscriptions. Starting from today you will be able to sign up for the Team (up to 5 team members), Consultancy (up to 20 consultants) and Enterprise (up to 1000 employees) plans.

Now you can easily make web security a top priority within your organisation without the extra hassle of installing and supporting desktop or server security software. We think this is pretty awesome.

The Team, Consultancy and Enterprise packs contain all tools that are currently available on the market (i.e. our entire portfolio) and you get a bit of savings too due to the special discount that we have applied in order to celebrate this important milestone. This announcement comes at the right time as we turn 34K active users online, which is another reason to celebrate. All in all, we are entering a new important phase and we are very excited for what comes next.

As usual, let us know what do you think. Your feedback is important.