The Next Suite

The Websecurify team is working hard on a new version of the online Suite, which will incorporate many new features, our latest testing engine and many additional tools. To get an early access to the Next Suite, just login as usual but use instead of The user interface should look more or less familiar but you will quickly notice the main differences once you start accessing your applications.

It is difficult to list all changes but here are a few that we think are most interesting:

Improved, Consistent User Interface

The new user interface is now easy to extend and provides features that we will built upon in future versions of the software. The UI improvements are easily noticeable and you will get a sense of speed and flow immediately. You may say that we have simplified a large part of the UI and also reduced a large portion of the unnecessary styling.

Faster Application Loading

The new applications feel like a rocket in comparison to the ones in the older Suite. This is because we streamlined the code and removed most of the code-bulk. The download size has also changed significantly. App caching (i.e. offline mode) is currently disabled but we will turn it back on once all details are finalised.

Latest Testing Technology

We have introduced our latest testing technology as part of the Scanner and all other tools. Although there are still bugs to be worked on, the new testing engine is just superb and paves the road-map to newer, better and more exciting testing tools on all platforms that we currently support. You will see massive improvements with the XML and JSON fuzzers and also slightly different Scanner that has a better understandings of modern web application stacks.

Additional Free Tools

You will notice that there are additional tools you can use free of charge, i.e. now part of the Public Pack. Although this is generally a great news for everybody, it is even more so for us because we have been planning to do this for a long, long, long time. Well, now it is on. You should be able to access Reburp, Soap, Rest, Backframe and many other tools for free.

Stripe Payments

We have introduced a new payment system, powered by Stripe, that is selected by default. Payments via Google Wallet still work as expected but Stripe will become de facto the supported payment method. We hope that this will simplify subscriptions and also put you in control of the entire process.

We will keep you posted about the progress of the work. We are currently working on the details before we make it official. If you have any feedback at this stage, do not hesitate to get in touch.