Chrome Web Store Integration

Starting from today, you will be able to find all Websecurify Suite tools, packaged as hosted apps on Google Chrome Web Store. This is an exciting news as it takes us even closer to our mission to deliver cross-platform web application security toolkit, using a modern stack of technology with almost native user experience.

Screenshot 01

Websecurify Suite Is A Totally Different Value Proposition

You see, traditional web security tools are mostly static. Once installed you need to keep them updated. Usually updates do not happen as often as they should, meaning that you will be missing vital features that may be instrumental to the discovery of critical security bugs in the applications you test. Additionally, traditional security tools recreate from scratch what browsers are designed to do anyway, producing sometimes inconsistent behaviour, which leads to many false-possitives especially when it comes down to client-side bugs.

Websecurify Suite solves these problems in a very neat way. Our tools are in-fact modern web applications, delivered over the web but cached locally for offline use. Unlike SaaS (Software As A Service) web security tools, there are no servers involved when testing. All tests are performed from your own browser, leveraging the latest technology that is available. Unlike Desktop security tools, the Suite is always updated while you are online because of its web roots, and you get more consistent and realistic results because we use an actual browser to discover vulnerabilities.

Screenshot 02

We call this "the best of both worlds" and now our hosted chrome applications take this concept even further by abstracting away the web browser that supports everything. All tools are now accessible as normal desktop applications. They even come in their own frame/window producing that native look and fill you are used to but still powered by the powerful mix of technology we provide on the web. It is different and we believe it is better.

Getting The Hosted Apps

The easiest way to get the hosted apps for now is to follow the links outlined here: Scanner, Recon, Httpview, Formfuzz, Jsonfuzz, Xmlfuzz, Retest, Resend and others. As the Chrome Web Store integration matures you should be able to discover the apps naturally via the Web Store search facilities and the related section in the app details. Links will be also available on the Suite market.

We are looking forward to see how the apps develop. Let us know what do you think.