Heartbleed Arrives In The Suite

Our mission is not just to create web security tools but to help keep the Web as safe as possible. This is the reason why we have just launched an emergency response tool to detect the presence of Heartbleed across your entire public estate.

Screenshot 01

The tool is based on Recon testing engine. Recon uses several techniques to identify related targets by exploring public information such as DNS, search engines, virtual host databases and more. Once targets are discovered, a quick and harmless check is performed to identify if they are vulnerable to Heartbleed.

This tool is free of charge! We do use our proprietary technology for testing but we believe that at this time people need to get as much support as they can. There are other tools out there that will help you achieve more or less the same result but none of them identify targets automatically as far as we know. This tool will be a good addition to those other tools especially when your Web estate is big.

How Stable Is This Tool

This tool was put together in the quickest possible fashion so expect to see bugs. That being said, the Heartbleed detection is accurate. We will concentrate efforts to keep improving the tool in the upcoming days in order to provide as much support as we can.

If you find a bug, please report and we will fix it as soon as we can. Please don't abuse the service.