Httpview Time Filters And More

You are perhaps already familiar with Httpview, our client-side request/response observer, which acts as an intercepting proxy without the need to install an actual proxy. Earlier versions of the tool did not expose a good way of filtering and sorting the collected data. However, starting from today you will have access to a full-featured request filtering facility that goes beyond the standard filters you are already familiar with.

Screenshot 01

The key filters that we have exposed so far allow you to categorise the collected data by HTTP method names, URL (regular expressions) and time. The first two are pretty standard but the last one is the most interesting and somehow unique. The idea was borrowed from our Mac OS X Proxy application that we have recently launched in ALPHA. The time filter essentially allows you to preview only the data that was collected within the selected time-frame. For example, the "Last 10 Minutes" filter will only show data that was collected in the last 10 minutes - obvious indeed.

Why Does It Matter

Time filters are a very useful mechanism and can be used to simply our work. For example, when doing a manual inspection of a web application, it could be very confusing to go through all of the collected data at once. A time filter can help us concentrate only on the most recent actions and therefore reduce the overall complexity.

Httpview filters and more are now an integral part of the next generation of the online Suite, soon to become the default toolkit.