Landing TeslaStorm

We are very proud to announce our latest application security solution called TeslaStorm. In recent months our team collaborated with the engineers from Tesla Motors to create the ultimate electric car targeted at information security enthusiasts and professional penetration testers.

Screenshot 01

TeslaStorm is all-in-one, web application security testing system available from the comfort of your car. Now you can complete your penetration tests before you even arrive at your clients' premises. Combined with the ease of use of our security toolkit, Tesla cars have now become the ultimate sidekick to every infosec professional. Once you step inside the car, TeslaStorm will make you feel like Michael Knight, only in the digital world.

Available Tools

TeslaStorm comes with the full suite of tools. You will be able to do scanning, fuzzing, replaying requests and observing responses when you are not driving and much more. There is even a direct link to our online Suite, where you will be able to get the latest updates and purchase more tools in order to make your car the ultimate cyber weapon that have ever existed.

Now you have no excuse why you should not try your luck against the 100s of Bug Bounty programs while you are stuck in a traffic jam. For more information and to subscribe for a trial, just get in touch.