Climbing App Store Top Charts took the App Store world by storm! What an unexpected turn of events. Thank you all for the tremendous support and awesome feedback. It still feels surreal 24 hours after we made our debut.

Screenshot 01

In terms of the rankings, is in the top charts of most country stores - scoring the best in the US store. It sits side-by-side some of the top applications like Pixelmator, BetterSnap Tool, Final Cut Pro and other all time favourites. Sometimes you can see it appear at the front page next to the big guys. This position fluctuates because there are only 12 spaces and is bouncing between position 12 and 15 (currently held).

It is interesting to note that this turn of events have been a huge motivator. We have been working since yesterday without any rest but do we feel tired - not even one tiny bit. As far as we can tell the energy levels have never been higher. We've manged to pull in some vital documentation. We have answered to every single email received. We've revised plans how to make even better. We've learned something about the human spirit too, i.e. that the energy you get from the good vibes from the community is enough to keep you going for months. Keep this in mind for everything that you do.

What's next? Well, we are awaiting for app approval from Apple. The next release should be with you in just a few days - hopefully if we pass all checkboxes without any hiccups. We have already commenced work on new features and improvements based on your feedback (thanks again for your support). The documentation pages are piling up as we speak.

Thanks again for the support and of course do let us know if we can be of any assistance.