What To Expect In Proxy.app

We wanted to give you a quick overview of what you should expect in the upcoming release of Proxy.app. Let's get started.

Custom Filters

Now you can create your own custom filters using the filter editor. The filters can be of arbitrary complexity and allow you to search even within your notes, request timestamps and much more.

Screenshot 01

Improved Preferences

Proxy.app preferences now contain a lot more options, which allow you to control many aspects of how the program behaves. We have added the ability to configure key sizes (used during generation of certificates), install certificates automatically, etc.

Screenshot 02

Built-in Documentation

Proxy.app now comes with built-in documentation. Now you can easily search for various help topics. We are working hard to get even more topics included that will help you setup the proxy even in the most complex environments.

Screenshot 03

Certificates, Automatic Proxy Configuration And Mobile Profiles

In the next release you will be able to quickly access the CA certificate, configure your clients using automatic proxy discovery and even install proxy mobile profiles - all of that by accessing special URLs. For example:

  • http://proxy.app/ca.mobileprofile - gives you a mobile profile. This option will make it easier to intercept iOS devices.
  • http://proxy.app/ca.crt - downloads the current CA certificate.
  • http://proxy.app/proxy.pac - provides auto proxy discovery file.
  • http://proxy.app/wpad.dat - same as above.

These features are provided so that you can get started using the proxy as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Many UI Improvements

Last but not least, we've made many UI improvements all over the place. You can see some of them from the screenshots above.

We home that you enjoy the upcoming release. As usual do not hesitate to get touch shall we missed something or if you need help.