Receives a Facelift

We just wanted to drop a few lines to let you know about some of the many UI improvements that we have introduced in the latest version of - soon to be available for download in the App Store.

Screenshot 01

Main Layout Improvements

You will notice that now have a very nice, clean layout. We have tried to make it as pixel perfect as possible and functional across devices with different screen resolutions and pixel density. The main improvement is the lines that cut across the window, clearly separating all functional visual components, creating a very clean look.

The Inspector Has Tabs

Next is the Inspector view. We have added tabs in order to make information easily accessible - based on function. Currently there are only two tabs - one for the Request and Response information and another one that will display various network information. The tab icons are not finalized yet so expect changes in this area.

Tabbed Detail Views

Both the Request and Response Detail views now contain multiple features that allow you to preview the selected transaction in different formats. The most important feature is the structured/outline view, which breaks down the information into easy to explore tree structure. We have also added flat table view and improved the view of raw data.

The Central Path View

Last but not least we have added a path view on top of the transactions table. This view displays a breakdown of the information encapsulated by the currently selected transaction. This view was designed so that you can easily evaluate the purpose of the request without digging into the details. The path view displays the full path to the resource plus icons to enable better visual aid.

There you go. All of these changes are coming soon. Do not miss out the current special promotion.