Escapemode, Screenshot and Auto-formatting Improvements

Over the past couple of days we made three awesome improvements in the web security Suite. Here they are:

Auto-formatting Options

Frequently, when we work with JSON and XML, the document structure is not very user friendly. The document may lack indentations, multiple lines, etc. Now with the help of reformat_request and reformat_response (escapemode commands) you can quickly reformat requests and responses to make them more readable. These commands will also fix header and method casing and much more.

Screenshot 01

Escapemode Improvements

Speaking of escapemode, we also made several improvements in this area as well. Now the console supports tab auto-completion. If you do not know the command or you feel a bit lazy you just need to press TAB key and we will do the rest of the work. For example if you want to use the auto-formatting options all you need to do is to press r followed by TAB.

Screenshot 02

Screenshot Improvements

Websecurify has always been the only automated security testing software that can take actual screenshots of the vulnerabilities we find. Now we made a leap forward to make it quicker and more transparent for the user. You will notice that reports issues are generated instantaneously even those that have screenshots.

Screenshot 03

There you have it. Three awesome improvements that could make your day a little bit better.