Version 1.9 Is Out

The Websecurify team is very proud to announce that version 1.9 is officially out.

Screenshot 01

What Is New In 1.9

The first thing that you will notice that now you can download the ProxyHelper app, distributed outside of the Mac App Store. The ProxyHelper provides some essential features such as the ability to auto-configure system proxy settings and filter proxy connections based on process information. This alone makes very powerful and easy to use because you will be able to quickly get started and proxy only the processes you specifically select.

Second, we shipped with web views for both HTTP requests and responses. The web view not only can render HTTP responses the way your browser is but also it provides syntax highlighting and formatting options for some common formats such as XML and JSON. Additionally, the web view can be used to preview any audio/video resources.

Next, the "captures" sidebar contains several default items that will help you to get started capturing requests only from selected applications such as most common browsers. This feature is very useful especially when you use as the default system proxy. In this mode typically all HTTP/HTTPS requests will be captured which is often not the intention. With the default capture groups you can only proxy the applications you really want and ignore everything else leaving your system fully functional.

Last but not least this version contains several performance and stability improvements. In particular we spent a lot of time hunting down future performance issues getting it ready for the next version of OS X. The user interface is also streamlined in several areas.

Your Feedback

As usual, let us know what do you think and if you would like to see certain features in the next version. We are trying to accommodate as many of the requests as possible and the best way to approach us to get in touch vs. sending a request in the form of a review on the Mac App Store. This way we can at least respond to your queries.

Last but not least we will appreciate if you can rate on the Mac App Store.