Scanner Pause And Resume

If you remember earlier versions of Websecurify Suite if may also probably remember that you could pause and resume the Scanner at any point during the scan. Earlier this year we moved to a better, faster testing engine and as a result we stripped a way this feature, because it did not make any sense to pause something that finishes quick anyway. However, due to customer demand, we are bringing the pause and resume feature back. This time is only available from escapemode.

scanner pause and resume from escapemode

To pause a scan you simply need to press the ESC key to get into escapemode. The commands you are looking for are conveniently called pause and resume. You can invoke either one of them depending at what state is the scanner or any other automated tool.

Tests can also be started in a paused mode. Before start the test simply enter into escapemode and type pause. Start the test as usual. You will notice that it doesn't progress. Enter escapemode again and type resume to resume the test. You may want to combine these commands with the concurrency command to increase/decrease the speed of the scanning engine.

This is it - a short and sweet feature conveniently available from our almighty command console.