Latest Updates From Our HQ

We've been working hard to deliver the recent round of updates. In this blog post I will summarize all of them as much as I can starting with the work that we recently did on our web application security testing engine, a.k.a Sparta.


As you may be aware, Sparta is our in-house developed web application security testing engine. Sparta is the core of our web security testing technology and it is part of almost every product. Because it is such a vital piece we invested a lot of time to make it the best it can be during the recent round of updates. Here are some of the main changes:

  • Shellshock testing suite.
  • Asynchronous testing improvements.
  • Fuzz-testing performance improvements.
  • Improved spider capabilities, depth limits, FORM generation limits and more.
  • Request mutation capabilities, GET to POST-urlencoded, POST-multipart and more.

All these improvements are hidden under the UI so you will probably never see them but you may have already experienced the significant performance enhancements that we delivered in the Suite. All of these are due to the core-engine enhancements.

Online Suite

The online Suite is getting better and better with every single release. We are very agile, sometimes delivering 1-2 updates per update. Here is a summary of some of the main changes that we recently delivered in the Suite:

New Apps

  • WPScanner - WordPress Security Scanner
  • Encoder - online encoder decoder supporting Base64, MD5, SHA1, Hex and more.
  • Shellshock - #shellshock scanner capable of detecting all Shellshock variants.

New Features

  • Editor themes.
  • Mac App listings.
  • Escapemode configuration.
  • Improved application architecture - i.e. better tools.
  • Converting from GET to POST (urlencoded, multipart) and vice versa.
  • Scanner, Foundation, WPScanner testing scope extended limit options.
  • FORMFuzz, JSONFuzz and XMLFuzz now have additional options to allow you to configure every aspect of the fuzz.

WebReaver For Mac

We are very happy to announce that WebReaver was updated to version 1.1. This update should come along at some point next week. The main change is the actual testing engine. It should fix some issue in the earlier version. I just want to open a bracket and mention that we are fully committed to make this tool the best on Mac OS X. This means that we will be rapidly delivering WebReaver updates in the upcoming months. Meanwhile, if you experience any problems, just get in touch.

The upcoming months will be very exciting to us. There are many features currently in the pipeline so stay tuned.