WebReaver Has A New Home

WebReaver is a native Mac OS X web application security testing tool. It is easy-to-use, straight-forward and fully-automated security scanner that will satisfy most of your web application security testing needs.

webreaver website screenshot

WebReaver has had a moderate success on the Mac App Store since it was launched earlier this year, climbing the top charts for Developer Tools every once in a while. However we have been doing WebReaver a bit of disservice by advertising its capabilities primarily from our official web site, which over time has grown a lot with multiple product options. This has created several challenges in terms of how we manage screen estate and how we point users to the right place where they can get the best source of information. So, in order to provide the best possible support for WebReaver users, we came up with a plan.

The Announcement

We are exited to announce the official WebReaver home page hosted at webreaver.com. This is going to be the go-to resource for WebReaver from now on. We are not only planning to use this domain as a landing page but also a place where to add documentation, explain features in depth, provide videos and continuous support to all WebReaver customers.

I hope you find webreaver.com useful. Get in touch if you have suggestions how to make it better.