Landing The Spider

The Websecurify team is very excited to announce the official release of Spider - our web application crawling/spidering tool in preview, now available exclusively on Websecurify Suite market.

spider screenshot

The Spider will help you quickly and accurately crawl the target application directory and file structure. You can send any of the crawled resources to any other tool from the Suite. Additionally, many common vulnerabilities are automatically identified and reported by our passive vulnerability engine.

The Spider is a very useful tool during the initial stage when you want to gather as much information about the target as possible without trying to actively detect vulnerabilities. This tool will give you a very good idea about the various files, directories and application routes, which can be further explored by using other tools from the Suite. The Spider is also useful as a general-purpose development tool to enumerate web application resources.

This tool is still in preview, just like WPScanner, so expect some major changes in the upcoming weeks/months.